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Seahawks: What Does The Hawk Say?! OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube

Percy Harvin returns the opening kickoff of the second half of the Super Bowl for a touchdown. Does having Percy return kickoffs unnecessarily expose him to injury? John Clayton says yes.

Week 3 Gallery Seahawks vs Bears | Seattle Seahawks

The home opener of the Seahawks season anniversary saw Seahawks Legends being honored, the in full force, and the shutout of the Bears with the game ending at 26 –

Preseason Week 4 Gallery vs Raiders | Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks took to CenturyLink Field for their last 2015 preseason game against the Oakland Raiders and finished victoriously.

No game day would be complete with these Super Bowl 2015 Cocktails - Seahawks vs Patriots!!

Seahawks Super Bowl Cocktail

Super Bowl 2015 Cocktails - Patriots: Cape Codder (Plop some blueberries into the glass) and Seahawks (Boo to them-not my team). Carve laces into 4 different sections of the lime then cut it into four wedges rather than using the entire lime.

Week 4 Gallery Seahawks vs Lions | Seattle Seahawks

Take a look at the photos from the Seahawks’ thrilling victory against the Lions, which made it their Monday Night Football game win in a row.

Seahawks vs Vikings Keys to the Game

Seahawks Insiders Clare Farnsworth and Tony Ventrella talk about the keys to a Seahawks victory as they take on the Vikings at CenturyLink Field.

Yes he is @DangeRussWilson  Seahawks vs. Cardinals, January 3

Hot deal for a cold game: score cheap playoff tickets.: Hot deal for a cold game: score cheap playoff tickets…

Seahawks vs. Cardinals   #GOHAWKS!!!

Northern cardinals like to eat mainly seed, fruit and some insects. Cardinals will come to corn, sunflower seed, wild grape, blackberry and other fruit. In winter they eat seed as the main diet.