Sarah mclachlan " Angel " There's just an echo inside this mind tonight.  Nothing but need.

Cried tonight for the first time in a few days. Feeling really lonely & miss you more than ever . Praying for a little peace tonight

Mom and I will always <3 Sarah McLachlan

Singer Sarah McLachlan is actively creative

Three-time Grammy Award winner Sarah McLachlan returns with her eighth studio album, which was inspired by her father's passing and her own appreciation for life. The CD also includes the single In Your Shoes.

Love Sarah McLachlan!:-)

This is purely a fanmade video. Artist: Sarah Mclachlan Song: Fallen Lyrics: Heaven bent to take my hand.

Sarah McLachlan...beautiful song writer and singer. Never fails to impress!

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom: A - Z Challenge: Sarah McLachlan anangel Sarah McLachlan and her excruciatingly sad angel song.

Fallen - Sarah McLachlan

Fallen is about someone realizing they have made mistakes, knowing that their mistakes have caused a lifetime of hurt and pain for both themselves and others in their life.