From Austin, Texas-based TexZen Tiny Home Co. is the Single Loft tiny house. The rustic modern house has a covered patio and bright, spacious interior.

Single Loft by TexZen Tiny Home Co

This tiny home is a traveling bookshop! Built by La Maison Qui Chemine in France, the tiny house operates as a bookshop and home to the owner, Jean-Jacques.

Bookshop by La Maison Qui Chemine

When the going gets tough and you want to get the hell out of dodge, a weekend retreat or getaway can be the perfect remedy. In fact, some fall in love with the great outdoors so much that sometimes such a retreat is later extended into a lifestyle. Such is the case for filmmaker Zach Both, who converted an empty cargo van into a one-of-a-kind camping van/work studio.
WV Camper Ideas Campervan Interior

WV Camper Ideas Campervan Interior

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