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Remembering & Forgetting; and the Twelve Senses according to Rudolf Steiner. We want to nourish all of these senses as we make our Waldorf homeschooling plans. Read about the twelve senses at the Steiner Cafe.

Remembering & Forgetting; and the Twelve Senses

"To truly know the world, look deep within yourself. To truly know yourself, take a real interest in the world." Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner picture quotes - May my soul bloom in love for all existence. - Love quotes
Graphic displaying the relationship between certain metals and specific planets...meaning, these metals reacted differently in experiments depending on the proximity of the planet to Earth and whether the Sun was between the Earth and the planet or not. These were conducted by Lili Kolisko an associate of Rudolf Steiner.
Rudolf Steiner - Kingdom of Childhood. "You must be for the children the…
energies of each day of the week by Rudolf Steiner
Between Theory and Practice: Rudolf Steiner as Philosopher and Architect | Fiona Gray -
I’ve been trying to visually interpret my understanding of theosophy, and I thought I’d share my paintings and notes with all of you. I’ve only finished one diagram, but I plan on…

Theosophy Diagrams

Rudolf Steiner und Marie (Steiner)-von Sivers
Rudolf Steiner's Second Goetheanum, Interior poured concrete stairs during construction of  Rudolf Steiner's second Goetheanum.
The middle Glass Window - The Etheric Christ - Designed by Rudolf Steiner - Rose Glass Window - First Goetheanum
Goetheanum - Interior