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Ross and Rachel are at the laundromat taking back the laundry cart that another woman took from them.

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V is for this very surprising turn of events, which I am still fine with, by the way. EEEEE is for how extremely normal I find it that you two are together.

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Chandler, Joey, and Ross. My alllllll-time favorite show! #friends

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Which Episode Of Friends Is Your Life?

You are definitely The One Where Ross Finds Out! You're a romantic! You love love and you love love stories. You're always falling in love and feel things very deeply. You've definitely had your heart broken a few times but only because you're so open to others and believe in true happiness. And once you find it you REFUSE to let it go. Especially that one time you were "FINE" and expected everyone else to be FINE!

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Funniest Friends moment, ever!

Funniest Friends moment, ever!

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Rachel and Ross #Friends. Just watched this episode last night... CRIED!!!

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Ross Friends tv show Funny quotes

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Ross, Joey, and Chandler

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The One Where Ross is Fine

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Ross & Rachel. I can remember this like it was yesterday.

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