weird to think that filming these movies became their entire life for so many least they built real friendships along the way :)

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Harry Potter: Ronald Weasley :) More

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YES. I hate when people bash Ron. He's not perfect but he's an amazing person and friend.

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All of his interactions with McGonagall were pretty perfect, tbh. | 19 Times Ron Weasley Was Actually The Best Character In "Harry Potter"

Ron Weasley titles

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Harry e Rony (só faltava a Hermione pro trio ficar completo).

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Ron and his chicken by ~GoldenPhoenix75 on deviantART

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The only boy to make her cry, but she never let him see. That faint sound is my heart shattering.

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I personally identify with Ron all the time, but the tap-dancing spiders dream really hits home for me.

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This part gets me every time. All Harry wants is for his best friend to live and be happy.

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