Robert sheehan

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He was a little off. He plastered papers all over the walls, scribbled on them, with his tongue caught between his teeth or his mouth always partway open. And she watched him spill his genius from the doorway.

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Robert Sheehan as Nathan Young #MisFits

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So Coufeyrac can basically look like anything but just be a cutie patootie and be okay. uwu idk I think he'd try to be punk but love highschool musical and showtunes in general and be a total geek with ferre.

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damn! seriously those eyes...mmh Robert Sheehan

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I think this picture probably links to spam, but the pic is the opposite of spam. UGHHHH ROBERT SHEEHAN Y U SO PURTY??

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Misfits was just about the most foul mouthed, sex crazed, violent and in every other way inappropriate television series I've ever laid eyes on. Robert Sheehan looks like a young Bob Dylan here. I was so sad when he left the show.

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Robert Sheehan

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Robert Sheehan <3 (Douglas Thatcher - 17yrs old, best friends with Laurel and Pen, human and the joker of the group, always trying to make light of a situation)

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Robert Sheehan Fans

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Robert Sheehan.. I love Nathan sooo much..misfits just isnt the same:(

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