SO TRUE! One of my current obsessions is the TV show Once Upon A Time. Robert Carlyle inparticular!

Once Upon a Time Costume Ideas for Fairytale Land Characters

Day 3 Least favorite male character: Rumpelstiltskin. I can't really describe how much I dislike him. I especially don't like his relationship with Belle. She was my favorite Disney character and they ruined her by pairing her with him.

Robert Carlyle, "Rumplestilskin" from "Once Upon a Time". A complex character in an often exasperatingly bad show.

Haven’t seen much of this unconventionally handsome man: Robert Carlyle - Dat accent, dat hair.

Robert Carlyle, yes this 52 year old man (and once upon a time actor) is SMOKEN HOT!! #don't judge me!! ;)

Robert Carlyle, yes this 52 year old man has this "bad boy" surname in "The full monty"