Richard Scarry's Cars & Trucks & Things That go has so many great characters like Goldbug, Dingo, Lowly Worm and Flossy! How can you not love a book that includes a pickle car.

"Then I curl up in my hollow tree and dream about spring" from "I am a Bunny" by Richard Scarry

Who Will I Be – Giving Our Kids Choices

Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day. There is soooo much to see on a page of a Richard Scarry book. Few words and lots of detail captivate my younger kids' attention every time.

I have this edition ❤️ Richard Scarry illustration from the "The Golden Book of 365 Stories," 1955

Richard Scarry illustration from the childrens book, I Am A Bunny. I dont really recall the story, but I instantly remembered having the book after seeing this picture.

from "I Am a Bunny" by Ole Risom + Richard Scarry // via Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves: I Am a Bunny - folk art

"Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever", 1980 (

I spent hours pouring over Richard Scarry illustrations showing the goings on inside of buildings.