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For me the Golden rule in logo design is that form has to follow function and I designed Mobius eye logo without intention to apply Golden rule principle. But after geometric construction and proportion measurements I was amazed that the iris light reflection part is exactly where horizontal, vertical and diagonal axes intersects in Golden ratio. Nice coincidence, don’t you think? – Jan Zabransky

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Paper Plate Shark « Paper Plate Crafts «

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This really makes me NEVER wanna get in the ocean EVER AGAIN!!! Great White

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*Mr_Lickalot3* 40yo Pearland, Texas

*Mr_Lickalot3* 40yo Pearland, Texas

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Great White Shark. Can I keep it? Pleaseeeee!!! IT'S SO FATTTT I LOVE IT!!!! And look at that face it's so cute, it looks like it's smiling hehe

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I like the modern style of this

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Shark-Inspired Art Pieces - Art Crush

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The great white shark is the biggest shark ranging 10-12ft in length. No one has ever seen a great white mate or hatch. Great Whites will eat anything and are a minor threat to humans. The bull shark is much more of a threat.

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