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Healthy benefits

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I I don't play softball, but this happens in hockey and netball every time!

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I punch a girl at a championship game and after I'm like sorry I took u out of the game NOT

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Sadly, yes. I ALWAYS wanna say this! Whether it's a serve in volleyball or a lay up in basketball.

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Even though its been two years since I've played softball, and I can't play anymore due to medical problems, softball will always be a huge part of my life and I would do anything to step on the field one more time in a uniform with my teammates<3

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so me just hanging out in my catcher gear like nothing my coach walks up to me your up to bat. then we are in a rush trying to get the gear off of me. then the umpire is like we need a batter

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Yes, this one team was mostly teens and we came in sweat and dirt while they showed up, full face of makeup and perfect hair, no warm ups whatsoever, ridiculous!!!

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Image result for soccer girl problems

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haha like when you get hit in the face

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that awkward moment when you're staring at the coach as they point in different directions... where do I go?

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