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I I don't play softball, but this happens in hockey and netball every time!

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I punch a girl at a championship game and after I'm like sorry I took u out of the game NOT

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Sadly, yes. I ALWAYS wanna say this! Whether it's a serve in volleyball or a lay up in basketball.

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Even though its been two years since I've played softball, and I can't play anymore due to medical problems, softball will always be a huge part of my life and I would do anything to step on the field one more time in a uniform with my teammates<3

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so me just hanging out in my catcher gear like nothing my coach walks up to me your up to bat. then we are in a rush trying to get the gear off of me. then the umpire is like we need a batter

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Yes, this one team was mostly teens and we came in sweat and dirt while they showed up, full face of makeup and perfect hair, no warm ups whatsoever, ridiculous!!!

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Image result for soccer girl problems

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haha like when you get hit in the face

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that awkward moment when you're staring at the coach as they point in different directions... where do I go?

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This has my two FAVORITE things in it!! DANCE MOMS AND SOFTBALL!!!

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"Curling is an Olympic sport but softball isn't? In the words of the minions ... whaaaaa? Please give me credit when you pin. I made this." ~Abigayle Mitchelson

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There's No Crying in Softball. Yeah that might be a problem....... No not really

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not just soccer problems, but also softball problems. My mom always made me take my cleats and socks off before I got in the car.

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and doesnt have her own bat like srrsly u needto leave

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When the pitcher has the ball from the pervious girl's single, but you go for home, they see you and then run you down instead of throwing to the catcher, then the three of you end up in a pile with you on the bottom with your leg over the base as the ball rolls away. I won the last game of the season like this with my team. It was our championship game.

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