"I'm a white, female, Christian, republican,  pro-gun, pro-life feminist.  How else can I offend you today?"

I'm s female Christian Republican pro-gun pro-life feminist. How else can I offend you today?

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And nobody needs a fully automatic painted in either Camo, Desert Camo or Camo; With SOPMOD gear including multi-rail system for various PASSIVE INFRARED (PIR) scopes (classified reticle magnification), etc.

It seems to make sense to everyone, except for the lying politicians, and lying anti-gun lobbyists. Ironic..

The liberal morons would rather keep believing the hype than be rational and see the truth. Fools are determined to stay fools and drink the koolaide, they won't be bothered by the reality of truth.

Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Gun.

Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Gun Are You Proud Of Your Second Amendment Rights? ACT FAST and click the green button before they're all gone!