I hate this mindset! Let's all recognize that Hitler used this on his citizens too...and look how that turned out for them.

The sheer stupidity of such liberal "ill"-logic is astounding.Shameful such individuals get to call themselves our fellow Americans. Nothing American about the liberal socialist agenda.

a healthy baby and a healthy mother that are not a product of rape or incest.  We cannot make all abortions illegal.  There are medical reasons, like to save the mother or a fetus that has died in utero and will not miscarry.

This brutal meme perfectly describes Obama’s obvious amendment contradiction. Sorry but I don’t listen to anti-gun lectures from people who think it’s OK to kill a baby …

What Is It They Are Trying To Control?

*Disclaimer: No matter which political party, the facts remain* Wake up, America! Get your priorities straight! Guns don't kill people, people with no value for life kill people. Regardless of what stage that life is.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson

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The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. - Thomas Jefferson - Urgent - Stop Gun Control. Or murderous psychos who want to control us

Find me an American who owns a gun and is ready to protect their loved ones from an intruder and I'll show you a person who loves their family, actions speak louder than words.

AMEN and most likely say OH GOD- The Amendment - Gun Rights - Zombies and or humor

Guns don't kill people. People that don't value human life kill people." (Yes, but when you have a gun, it's much easier to kill more people!)

Guns don't kill people: People who don't value human life kill people (but if those people can get guns easily, then we need gun control)

I've always been afraid of being near guns, now, I'm thinking it is necessary.. For this very reason.

Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

Freedom to Bear Arms If you look back in history, governments that take away guns from their people, begin to kill their people. The more The government starts to take away the rights established in our constitution the quicker America will fall apart.

Is a sign that says No wolves going to stop a wolf from going after sheep? No Is a No gun area going to make it safer for people? No!

Baa Ram Ewe - Baa Ram Ewe - to your breed, your fleece, your clan be true!

Gun Control to Major Tom

Maryland Anti-Self Defense Law To Take Effect

gun control is like trying to stop drunk driving by making it tough for drunks to get to cars. We all know gun owners who aren't 'responsible'.

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And nobody needs a fully automatic painted in either Camo, Desert Camo or Camo; With SOPMOD gear including multi-rail system for various PASSIVE INFRARED (PIR) scopes (classified reticle magnification), etc.

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Why sleep when you can meme?

Our Founding Fathers were so much smarter than the current politically correct liberal trend

What It's Like To Go To School In Boston

Authorities were shocked on February 1998 when workmen restoring Benjamin Franklin's London home dug up the remains of six children and four adults hidden below the home. A Mason, Benjamin Franklin's links to occult secret societies have long been known.

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People and weapons are NOT the same thing. People are humans and have feelings and thoughts. Guns are things.