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My princess bubblegum crown! One cheap circlet plus some filigree bits and one blue gem equals radical fancy-ness. Here is my how it was made/where to find components: I used a gold circlet similar to.

Princess Bubblegum , Mike Azevedo on ArtStation at

pkmike: “ Adventure Time Fanart As a request from my girlfriend I HAD to paint Bubblegum next, super fun to paint the hair and dress Princess Bubblegum, PB, Peebles! using her sports suit ahah ”

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time blowing a bubble illustration by Little Thunder

Wish List // 6 Nerdy Creations by Independent Artists

I love to create my own geeky fan art greeting cards and art prints. In fact, this week I released a new piece, this time of Princess Bubblegum from the brillia

"People get built different. We don't have to figure it out. We just need to respect it." Princess Bubblegum | Adventure time wisdom

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I got: Princess Bubblegum ! Which Adventure Time Princess are you?

Which Adventure Time Princess are you?

adventure time | princess bubblegum x marceline the vampire queen | bubbline

Some Bubbline, still in the valentines mood? u vu ♥ I've been a bit sick so sorry for the lack of art! Hope this makes up for it yay