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Before Eleven: I don't want you to go. During Eleven: Please..... don't.... go... *Collapses crying* Whovians will know ;)

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Yup! Definitely me! And then I sing it really softly and quietly and it sounds even worse than just belting it out.

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Plz tell me I'm not the only one that does that!

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and yet your teacher gets mad when you just scratch out the mistake.

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relatable posts | Relatable Post - True Writers Photo (31781014) - Fanpop fanclubs

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I JUST did this today! Except I did it on youtube and the correct song popped up! 10/02/2013

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The poem above my desk

Yep. Unless I'm alone when I put the in, then I don't care who walks by or pops in and hears them

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Yes im like, "Hide, its dad, hes gonna make us do chores!" Or "Oh good, its mok, maybe she can take me to get ice cream!"

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relatable posts - Google Search

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Relatable Post -- @Megan Lentz remember at soccer practice when we all put grass down each others shirts! Haha

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