. L'entrée par le #patio. C'est en franchissant les vantaux de #bois pivotants que l'on accède à la maison.Photo Gilles Trillard #Architecture .

Cap-Ferret : une maison contemporaine à voir

Pivot Doors Made of Wood Louvers - idea for entry gate for increased security of courtyard

The Largest Glass Pivoting Doors In The World. Antwerp, Belgium. 3m wide, 6m high and weighs 2 tons each!

cabbagerose: “LALO, antwerp/sculp(it) largest glass pivoting doors in the world: Jansen VISS façade swing-door system ”

Porte vitrée "look acier" sur pivot désaxé. Pour le concept unique " Room Divider " une charnière de pivot a été conçue en utilisant une fermeture de confort à haute technologie sans aucune intégration dans le sol. Cette charnière pivotante est placée au-dessus du sol afin d’éviter toute intégration! Le chauffage au sol ne pose aucun problème puisque le montage ne nécessite que deux trous de 4.5cm percés en profondeur. #portepivot

Modern glass pivot door with offset axis pivoting hinge, made-to-measure by Anyway Doors. This impressive "steel look" pivoting door is equipped with pivot hinges that don't require any built-in parts to either floor nor ceiling.

Modern Texas home facade with pivoting door of Siberian larch.

Concrete Box House Robertson Design The design of this relatively modest house has a definite Japanese influence. The carefully choreographed entry sequence, the material clarity, and the sculptural presence of the house all have their roots in the.


These Large Pivoting Doors Are Designed To Revolve This glass pivot door has a unique central pivoting hinge that allows it to swing in both directions, enabling the doors to revolve up to

Olive trees Concrete inspired by the work of Architect Tadao Ando // image via Dwell. by concretegeometric

Take a Step Through 20 Huge Modern Doors - Photo 3 of 20 - A pivoting door, also made of larch, provides a shortcut to enter the structure as an alternative to the main courtyard entrance.

Architectural Detail: Pivot Door Roundup. Interessante, uma mistura de porta e parede, para espaço que precisam de iluminação.

Architect Visit: Pivot Door Roundup

Glass front doors are among popular options for entries cuz they look beautiful and inviting. Today we’ll have a look at the coolest glass front doors

Moderne stalen taatsdeuren op maat van Anyway Doors. Het minimalistische kozijn zorgt voor een geluidloze afsluiting, waarbij je de deur in 2 richtingen 180° kan openen.

Modern glass pivot door, made-to-measure by Belgian brand Anyway Doors. This unique "steel look" pivoting door with offset axis pivot hinges doesn't require any parts to be built-in to the floor.

"Steel look" glass pivot door with central axis pivoting hinge. #portapivot

What's your thoughts on this minimal steel-framed glass door? 💭 Glass pivot door with central axis pivoting hinge designed by Porta Pivot - stunning!

Modern glass pivot door, custom-made by Anyway Doors. This unique "steel look" pivoting door with offset axis pivot hinges doesn't require any parts to be built-in to the floor. #pivotdoor #anywaydoors

Glass pivot door with offset axis pivot hinge without built-in floor fixtures. The unique pivot system is integrated in the black anodized door frame and sits on top of the finished floor. It can be installed in new or existing homes.

Vitrocsa: Pivot Door www.vitrocsa.co.uk

Vitrocsa Projects the certified UK Partner of Vitrocsa Minimal Windows UK based in London. Our Swiss made minimal sliding windows and doors have been approved for worldwide weather conditions.

Pivot door to get a seamless glass wall?

glass pivot door, D Residence Melbourne for est Magazine , Styling Sian MacPherson, photo Toby Scott