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I-Im sorry I-I cant take this anymore. T-The beatings, e-emotional abuse, the pain. I-I just c-cant. I-Im so sorry Mikey. -cuts deep and swallows pills-

My mom used to ask if there was "a happy pill" for times when any of us were feeling down... (Pour Photography)

Candy Shop, sweets, jelly beans, confectionary and online gifts. happy pills for a sweeter world.

"Despite the dream, Kyra felt fear rise within her as the object was placed before her. "I'm not taking that." "Anything that happens in the dreamscape will not harm you in real life." The boy seemed bored as he set the tea bag down. "Except if it kills me." Kyra was angry. "I wont commit suicide, not even in a dream." "Kill you?" He scoffed, picking up the tea bag. Before she could do anything, he ate it, bag and all. He smiled at her devastated expression. "Don't be so boring." -J

What You Need In Your Hospital Bag for C Section by a Been There Done That Mom

I'm a little screwd up, fucked up, fixed up & even a little messed up

Kids on drugs, prescribers are Screwed up. No to Ritalin, No to Strattera etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And, well - this says it all.

Why do you always think there is a pill for everything? That just gulping it down solves anything. That white casket is your getaway.

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There are so many young girls influenced by the media and society, and in this day and age, the media and society portray everyone who isn’t under 100 pounds to be fat. Since when do you need layers of makeup covering every single flaw to be beautiful? Since when are curves fat? Since when are freckles considered ugly?...You don’t need a bunch of makeup, or diet pills, or plastic surgery, or a diet, just be yourself... because everyone is beautiful... You are enough.

You don’t need a bunch of makeup, or diet pills, or plastic surgery, or a diet, just be yourself. because everyone is beautiful. You are enough.

Create a Glamours Golden Valentine with gold glitter pills and a free printable.

These beauty elixirs, powders and pills promise longer hair, stronger nails and glowier skin