if I ever have a little girl I want to do this lol maybe I'll do a boy version

I want to do this one with a daughter, and then a superhero one with a son! SO adorable! Little princess photo shoot!

a photo like this of each of my girls in every season ; )

a photo like this of each of my girls in every season ; ) <--- <---- Cool idea for parents. Probably would do it in the future.

The beauty of this photo to me is the contrast of texture. The weathered, vintage door and jamb are a firm frame to the little girl's soft young skin and her elongated, gentley-curved and slightly unruly strands of hair. [Behind the doors: Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas]

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A beautiful black and white Portrait of a sweet kid behind the doors is just so adorable. The hairs of the girl are very well placed and the texture of an old door can be seen in black and white combination.

Awesome Children’s Photography Tips for all you moms it's up to you to capture your children's life! Have fun that's what it's all about

Awesome Children's Photography Tips

Awesome Children& Photography Tips - 5 tips I learned from a pro. Any parent can benefit from these awesome tips of how to work with their kids!

Children photography ideas christmas light prop

set up for the photo idea: ok so im gettin really excited to take pictures of my friends rikkis baby Brody when she is born anytime now!

Little boys in suspenders, tan pants, maybe a simple white top. Neutral colors, vintage style.

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This is such a cute photo! Maybe if there was another bear on the other side of him to balance the photo out! Otherwise super cute with the little boy and his bear