Support cruelty free companies and their products. CHECK PETA's website for which companies are CURRENTLY cruelty-free.

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Support these cruelty free products. No need to test on animals. Share this, save it and print it. Spread the word so people know how easy it is to go cruelty free. **Seventh Generation is NOT cruelty free. Please do not buy their products***

Sad without crossing the line, this poster plays on our emotions to get its point across. Well done!

Inspirational Poster Ads from Across the Globe

This ad supports animal-free circuses. Circuses have been for a very long time all about the animal acts, but it is basically all abuse, making the animals perform to what the ringmaster wants. Animals deserve to be free and not abused.

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Learn The Facts About a Vegan Diet

Im not going vegan but these are some good tips. Wondering About a Vegan Diet? This chart shows plant based sources of protein, calcium, iron and fatty acids.

Who is deadliest predator of all? HINT: It's NOT sharks:

The Deadliest Predator of All (Hint: It's Not Sharks)

In 2012 sharks killed 12 people. In that same year, humans killed over sharks.

(via on Facebook) omg!! What?!?! I'll be researching this

How The Egg Industry Hurts Chickens

FACT: In the egg industry male chicks are an unwanted by product. (as they can't lay eggs) So they are ground up alive or tossed into trash bags to suffocate.

These are the products to stay away from! They are tested on animals, and it ruins the animals lives... except for IAMS, don't we want that tested on animals???

Companies that test their products on animals. First of all I don't care. Second of all - Iams makes pet food and pet products. Why wouldn't they test their products on animals? Should they test then on people?

These companies do not support tests on sensitive, intelligent animals. Always purchase cruelty-free!

These Companies DO NOT Test on Animals. They're Cruelty-Free

This is your #6 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in February: Easy Vegan Cupcake Recipe! YUM! #MyVeganJournal - 207 re-pins! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @Abir Lahham !

Easiest Vegan Cupcake Recipe

Beautiful quote by Johnny Depp. - One animal activist organization is PETA  *Abuse to animals is so cruel.  DO NOT SUPPORT CATS IN JARS....JAPANESE DO THIS...CRUELTY TO CATS................SO SAD.

Beautiful quote by Johnny Depp. - “If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures.

Double tap if you agree that fox fur belongs to foxes, NOT humans. #WearYourOwnSkin Regram @peta2

Double tap if you agree that fox fur belongs to foxes, NOT humans. #WearYourOwnSkin Regram @peta2

save water by going #vegan #vegetarian

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Not eating a pound of meat saves more water than not showering for six months. You can't be a meat eating environmentalist hypocrisy. Go vegan