URGH...hate it when that happens...especially on the ramps at the airport lol
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*Missed a call*, *Calls back right away *,  *No answer *.  "What, did you die in 3 seconds?".
A friendly refresher course, for these are the mistakes which make Mama twitch.

A friendly refresher course.

Chew loudly with your mouth open and I'll introduce you to my good friend, Mr. Muzzle
Biggest pet peeve of mine:  When I hold the door open for someone and don't get a thank you or even just a smile...
Working at a call center I understand this a great deal!!
Yep, I always go up to the board and erase the rest


i get so frustrated when people do this. even when they say "ill tell you later". then i spend the rest of the day wondering what they're gonna say