Penguin Classics - beautiful clothbound classic children's stories

Penguin Classics - beautiful clothbound classic stories , must start collecting!

Penguin Classics - Jane Austen Box Set on AHAlife

Penguin Classics Jane Austen Book Set

mr boddington for penguin classics

I love these front covers, I can imagine relating this to our magazine by covering it with drawings of pencils, sketch books.

books books books

norman hunter - the puffin book of magic, with cover art by jill mcdonald Czech book cover, new Penguin Classics cloth book covers.

Arranged by spine color, vintage Penguin paperbacks add a graphic punch to shelves.

5 Brilliant Tips for Collecting What You Love

Unapologetic collector Mary Randolph Carter, author of the new book "Never Stop to Think…Do I Have a Place for This?", shares her five tips for living stylishly with the many, many things you love. (Shelves of vintage penguins)

The Penguin Classics series, complete set. God, I would love these, especially if I had the right place to display them. In fact, I love everything on this site, but they're so pricey!!

Penguin Classics Complete Set of Hardcover Books

I have started collecting penguin clothbound classic collections of my favorite authors.