This delicious recipe for candied pecans is super-easy to make, and perfect for snacking, or topping your favorite salads or desserts |

Candied Pecans

Pecan Pie Muffins - Muffin meets pecan pie. Mini versions that everyone loves.

Pecan Pie Muffins

These honey candied pecans are amazing! |

Honey Candied Pecans - Healthy Clean Eating

The softest, chewiest, most flavorful cookies with buttery toasted pecans. Amazing, absolutely amazing!

Butter Pecan Cookies

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans Recipe ~ They are Amazing!

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Pecan Praline Pie Bark ~ So easy, so delicious... Tastes like a cross between gooey pecan pie and melt-in-your-mouth pralines.

Pecan Praline Pie Bark

Sweet slow roasted praline pecans. Spiced with cocoa powder, cinnamon, sugar and just a touch of kosher salt. These nuts are perfect for snacking!

Praline Pecans

Sea Salt Pecan Toffee is a dream come true! get the recipe at

Sea Salt Pecan Toffee

Muddy Buddy Pecans are an easy recipe that's perfect for parties, holidays, or parties! Chocolate and peanut butter covered pecans, doused in powdered sugar!:

Muddy Buddy Pecans

Butter Pecan Fudge- smooth, creamy, buttery, and rich!

Butter Pecan Fudge