{Patrick Stump} Phoenix Benzedrine, 24. He loves his life; working as a music producer in the morning to singing and playing in a band at night. It was the perfect life, he had many friends and he was friendly to everyone. It was a normal day until he woke up stuck in 1950 with no idea how he even got here. He tried to figure out how to manage until a woman helped him. He now works at a local radio station as a broadcaster, annoucing every song and playing songs on the radio.

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Number 1 reason to watch the Uma Thurman video for this moment because it's adorable

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You mock me and imma be like

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patrick stump and cats. what else could a girl ask for?

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this might just be the most inspirational thing I have ever read (ignoring the fact I have a dirty mind for a second. heh heh)

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Okay im listening to The Phoenix and a soon as i hit "pin" Patrick in the song was all like heeeyyyyyy. Yeah that part.

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and is barely over five feet tall and is the most musically talented human and is beautiful and amazing and superman aint got nothin on him

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Dont worry, be happy (15 photos)

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Like if you would vote for Patrick Stump

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No. This movie was all my little brother talked about for a whole freaking year. NEVER. AGAIN.

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