sometimes i hate one direction imagines^^by sometimes we mean hurts truly hurts

Lets just take a moment to see that this picture clearly looks or is Harold Edward Styles an this is a Zayn imagine

One Direction Imagines I wouldn't care @Hannah Mestel Schauer  @Sam McHardy Modesitt @Tina Vermeylen beri @Judith Zissman Jessup

One Direction Imagines:harry-knock knock Y/n-not now harry Harry-come on y/n Y/n-fine. who's there Harry-me Y/n- me who Harry-marry me Awhhh

Louis like "oh your cute, hi" Harry's like "haha I'm marrying that beautiful girl" Nialls like "oh.. My.. God.. I'm actually marrying you" Zayns just like "OMFG your so hot" Liam's like "hehe your pretty"

- on

I'll be seeing nialls. Harry's face will be seen sitting in the front row at me and nialler a wedding therefore I got 2 in