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Natasha romanoff, cacw, captain America civil war, avengers, marvel, mcu

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I firmly believe that Melinda May was once Natasha's SO

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I read another canon once that suggested this... I hadn't noticed, whilst watching the films, that it was true!! Perfect :) Adorable and identifiable.

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Nat is not impressed with the sharing of her jacket without her consent. (Deleted scene AoU)》》this should have made it to the final cut XD

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Move on, Clint--->>> you paralyze someone for ONE week ONE time, and they never let you forget it...

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Where's Natasha?

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Nat and Sam are like the sassiest Avengers. That's why they're the only ones who can keep up with Steve Rogers.

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Natasha Romanoff - MCU Appearances. (Art by greenarrow) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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Black Widow has the exact same powers as Batman and ten times the skill, intellect, morality, and complexity, and she accomplished all of it without being a billionaire

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What do I do with this information?

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be your own worst enemy don’t give them the satisfaction #marvel

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Very true. Especially when she's the one removing it.

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heart 193      This website basically explains most of that but more in-depth This website basically explains most of that but more in-depth

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Natasha Romanoff, who took the mantle of the Black Widow, who made it into more than what they did to her.

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En Pointe: The Choreography Of Winter by Stephanie Williams (for shopruche)

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But I guess that’s all I’m good at. #marvel<<< GOSH, this gives me SOOOOO many unnecessary WinterWidow feels.

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Natasha Romanoff, marvel, mcu, avengers

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Natasha Romanoff | Black Widow

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Holy water cannot help you now. A thousand armies couldn't keep me out. I don't want your money, I don't want your crown. See I've come to burn your kingdom down. #marvel

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