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Black Morgan Horse Gelding, Black Gelding for sale in Missouri. is the premier horse classifieds site with horses for sale, lease, adoption, and auction, breeding stallions, and more.

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Stilwell Thunder - Morgan Stallion Gorgeous. I knew it was a Morgan before I read the caption. They are stunning.

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Horse photography of handsome bay colored Morgan horse | fine art horse photography

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THIS is what a Morgan horse is supposed to look like! "River Riders Rich", Lippitt stallion.

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1999 15.2 H sooty metallic Morgan stallion, Ranchboss Cortez from Australia. Contact Wilga Park or the Morgan Horse Association of Australia.

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Morgan horse - shorter and good for kids

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The Morgan horse breed was started with a small bay colt named "Figure", who was owned by Justin Morgan, a music teacher in Vermont. He was sold several times over the years with most owners using him as a breeder. Figure finished his life out to pasture at the age of 32. A true American horse breed.

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American Morgan Horse Association Conformation is the degree of perfection of the component parts and their relationship to each other. The head should be expressive with broad forehead; large prominent eyes; with straight or slightly dished short face; firm fine lips; large nostrils and well-rounded jowls. The ears should be short and shapely, set rather wide apart and carried alertly. Mares may have a slightly longer ear. -

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American Morgan Horse..Biggest Little horse ever bred by man. Had so much the Army revered them for their " heart". Cannon and caisson

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That's a Morgan! Marvelous Intrigue, 1990 stallion lippitt breeding with a dash of Jubilee & Ben Don

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