Monogram machine

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How To Use The Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine For Embroidery/ Monogramming
Having your own monogram business. #TSM
monogram machine and board - I'm doing this with old mirror frame from Grandpa's furniture!!

Craft Room Ideas on a Budget

If you are thinking about purchasing a sewing chain that includes Machine Embroidery then you will want to read All About Machine Embroidery. I have 31 entries that answer every possible question you can think of and a few you may not know about. The Seasoned Homemaker.

All About Machine Embroidery

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Step by step how to download embroidery images from the computer to the machine (Brother SE400)
how to do monogram applique

Embroidery 101: How to Embroider

Brother SE400 Enthusiast. This lady has a blog dedicated to the SE-400!! Great resource!!!
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Machine Embroidery: 9 Tips to Get Started