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elf ear body mod I have to wonder if enough people started doing this if it would start happening naturally.

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All the piercing locations: an infographic |

All the piercing locations: an infographic |

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Piercings not the gauge but the rest of the piercings.. and different earrings haha

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body-mod-universe: Sasha san

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Tattoos More

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15 Striking Portraits Show Extreme Body Modification Like You Haven't Seen It Before

These 15 Portraits Show Body Modification In A Beautiful Light #refinery29 Stephanie Von Hutter-Thomas of International Suspension Alliance.

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Aquamarine cluster for @soylattebreath ✨ •angry elbow ditch• #aquamarine #crystal #tattoo #wlba

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justanothertattoo-blog: “Tattoo blog ”

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Ugh I wanted these so bad ever since I was a little girl... but I worry about getting them and keeping a job

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Alien tea tattoo

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