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Christianity, which was forced onto the norse pagan people, by corrupt kings, who formed an alliance with the pope, brought this to an end! Hygene was forbidden by pain of death, literacy was forbidden by pain of death, women were treated as work- and birth machines, and lost all rights... But you don't read that in "history books"... Guess why?

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The nine worlds

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Couldn't say it better myself.

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Information about worshiping Freya

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OP: "I hear this as a chant..." Traditionally, the thunder is said to be Thor's hammer, striking his anvil and the lightning is the sparks from his anvil. (I use lightning to represent Thor here, too.) However, my great-grandfather taught my mother that "The thunder is Thor's hammer and the lightning is Odin's spear." She used to listen to the thunder and absorb the energy she felt from the storm. She lived to be 93. I guess something worked....

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I shall now prove to the man in my sights that VALHALLA IS REAL .... cool true viking words ;)

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