Mike Chang from Glee (my daughters fave show!) a bit of a spunk and an awesome dancer!!

See the Glee Cast in Their New Yearbook Photos!

"I'd like to see whether [Mike Chang] stays in Joffrey Ballet or goes to New York or if he fails miserably and comes back," says Harry Shum Jr. as Glee Season 4 returns

Their attempted name-switch when they met The Substitute.  And you just read that in the funny voices they used!

These people are not the real Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, and Mike Chang.

Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang

as Mike Chang<<I wish he had had more solos 😭

Mike Chang - sticking it to his dad

Mike Chang

Ok I love this look tho - Outfit: fitted, tucked black tee w rolled sleeves + dark blue cuffed jeans + hi top Cons

Everett Chen is a 24 year old mid-ranking Imperium. He is friendly to most people he meets, but don't let that fool you, he has a dark side that he keeps under wraps. He knows that the Imperium life isn't as sunshine and rainbows as people try to make it out to be, and hopes to possibly help reveal that. {FC: Harry Shum Jr.}

Read Christina's interview with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 star Harry Shum Jr., who also talks about his supporting role on Shadowhunters.


Remember when Glee was a thing?

This is perfect! Where is Mike Chang, though?

Characters in glee Kurt and Finn and Blaine and Santana and Rachel and Brittany and Quinn and Puck and Sam and Mercedes and Artie and Mike and Tina

Make it easy to work out, I don't have to think while I'm there I already planned it out

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