Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke 39 Shocking Male Stars Who You Forgot Were Hot Back In The Day (Slide - Stars

Mickey Rourke. when he was a pretty boy

Mickey Rourke In the late I almost left a bar with a guy that looked sooo much like you and my best friend stopped me, turned out Mr looker liked to hurt people in the cut you up way, I cried all night until I sobered uo then Thanked my friend

Mickey Rourke - Born Philip Andre Rourke, Jr. September 16, 1952 (age 62) Schenectady, New York

Mickey Rourke- Mid to late eighties. How wonderfully handsome and sexy this man used to be.

MIckey Rourke

At the age of Mickey Rourke is making his boxing comeback.

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"Everyone wants you to kiss their ass in Hollywood, and I refuse to do that.

Mickey Rourke & Kim Basinger in '9 and 1/2 weeks'... Such a great movie!!!

Mickey Rourke & Kim Basinger in and weeks'. He was the first Christian Grey. Those two had such chemistry.