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Michael Shanks ♥... Dr. Daniel Jackson... Stargate SG1

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Michael Shanks ~ Ladies, if you're not a sci-fi geek yet, this man will turn you into one... <3 #stargate #sg1

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Michael Shanks, aka Dr Daniel Jackson. OK Faith, I'll give you this one - he's a cutie.

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Visual inspiration for Clay McCord - Michael Shanks

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Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson 8x18

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Michael Shanks ~ Stargate's resident geeky archaeologist #Shanks #Stargate #SG1

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MICHAEL SHANKS - Dr. Daniel Jackson

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Dr. Daniel Jackson

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Michael Shanks in Stargate Universe Season 1, Episode 15 - "Human"_002.jpg (965×1450)

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Ah Daniel. When my brother is watching Stargate and I walk into the room, I literally swoon when he comes on the screen, it's quite embarrassing, but very true.

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