The maze runner CHARACTERS!!!! Such a good movie. I loved the movie just as much as the book!

The maze runner CHARACTERS! Such a good movie. I loved the movie just as much as the book! << why the movie was horrible but dylan o'brien and thomas brodie-sangster are hot so

This is not Divergent but its whatever because I still love The Maze runner series too !

Two of my favorite fandoms combined! Lupin and Harry from Harry Potter and Alby, Chuck, Newt, and Theresa (i didn't really like her tbh) from the Maze Runner!

Het hoofdpersonage is Thomas. Hij is de nieuwe jongen die door de lift naar boven komt. Hij krijgt steeds van die rare dromen hij ziet steeds een meisje in deze dromen. Op de eerste avond ziet thomas dat een paar jongens uit de labyrint komen 'dat zijn renners' zei Alby. Hij wil ook zo'n renner worden. Als hij in de labyrint komt verslaat hij een griever en vindt hij samen me Minho een uitweg. Maar als ze door de uitweg willen gaan zijn ze nog steeds gevangen.

My Design #1

Attack on Titan // Maze Runner crossover. I always see people say the Maze Runner movie looks like a live action version of the other, and I&rsquo;m a fan of both, so why not combine them. Based off the Attack on Titan poster image.

One time I saw my History sub reading it, and this was me exactly. But there was this guy standing near her that thought I was looking at him, and when he looked at me like weird, I said "MOVE!"

Good on you stranger. I do this when someone is reading lord of the rings, the hobbit, maze runner, or another really good book.

I cried more when Chuck died in The Maze Runner, if that doesn't make me look soulless.

I think I connected more with the Mazerunner characters than I did with the hunger games characters, but I did enjoy the hunger games