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Adelaide Kane in Reign SA

Adelaide Kane in Reign SA

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Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots in Reign (TV Series, 2013).

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"I am closer to pointless, like a sundial in the age of digital watches. A few people keep me in their gardens, and they try to figure out what my darkness means... but no matter what I do, being around me will never be easy."

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"She knew Lancelot already, but the golden-haired boy, Sir Ector's page and Lancelot's friend, was a surprise-- a pleasant surprise, she soon realized as he smiled and talked at last..."

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Mary Stuart in “Coronation”

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Mary Queen of Scots ~ Reign

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Circe could not help but smile at Zoë's expression. She knew her alter-ego Maleficent scared people - but to frighten the life out of this usurper Queen was the cherry on top of the entire cake. "My, my, Your Majesty," she sneered. "What a wonderful assembly Queen Zoella. I must admit that I was quite distressed at not receiving an invitation." "You were not wanted," Zoë answered steely.

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All Hail the Fierce and Fearless Queen Mary! See Reign's Sexy New Season 2 Looks | E! Online.

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Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots in Reign (TV Series, 2014). [x]

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Mary Queen of Scots; Born Mary Stuart at Linlithgow, 8 Dec 1542; died at Fotheringay, 8 Feb 1587. She was the only legitimate child of James V of Scotland. His death (14 Dec) followed immediately after her birth, and she became queen when only 6 days old. (pic: by Federico Zuccari).

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