As King Vidor said, “The cinema is the greatest means of expression ever invented, but it is an illusion more powerful than any other, and should therefore be in the hands of the magicians and the wizards who could bring it to life.” - Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorcese is the most famous of thriller's Director, with Godfellas, or Taxi Driver.

Martin Scorsese To Receive BAFTA Fellowship For Contribution To Film

Martin Scorsese To Receive BAFTA Fellowship For Contribution To Film

Martin Scorsese / photo by Brigitte Lacombe this man is an amazing visionary!

Martin Scorsese shooting "Taxi Driver" (1976). COUNTRY: United States. DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese.

keyframedaily: “ Tom Shone’s Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective is out on October ”

Martin Scorsese (1942) - American film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian. Photo © Denis Rouvre

Martin Scorsese ONE OF MY FAVORITE director 1942 American film director screenwriter producer actor film historian Photo Denis Rouvre

Martin Scorsese - 1976

40 Things You Didn’t Know About Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver. With magnum and grape. Grapes don't blow women apart, though.

Martin Scorsese  -  Film Director quote - Movie Director Quote     #martinscorsese

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Martin Scorsese se convierte en musa de la pintura y el diseño gráfico

"Scorsese Tribute" by Joshua Budich Scorsese is an upcoming art show presented by Spoke Art at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City featuring a collection of

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver" (1976)


Taxi Driver-Robert De Niro / Martin Scorsese / Photograph by Steve Schapiro

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out. - Martin Scorsese

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