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I might could possibly have a thing for Harry Styles if he looked like this all the time

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I better find Harry freaking Styles on my 21st birthday next year...

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I haven't pinned Marcel in a while. I missed him

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marcel one direction imagines | Harry Styles #one direction #best song ever #marcel styles

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(GIF) Marcel dancing.. It's hard to remember there are serious abs and tons of tattoos beneath that sweater vest.

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Love this in the video .... Marcel's so cute ! ❤️

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Imagine by @Goudarox. Guys, I need help. A Marcel imagine. Wow. Marcel feels just get me

Imagine by @Goudarox. Guys, I need help. A Marcel imagine. Wow. Marcel feels just get me

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Haha... cuz EVERYBODY loves Marcel Styles :) One Direction Imagine :)

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Hahahaahahahahahah!!!!!!!!:) so accurate u dont even no....

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Marcel + imagine= Marcel feels that are uncontrolable. Help.

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Thanks for your comment @Sarah Chintomby Putnam and idk why the boys don't do Pinterest like I do..sorry if it annoys you that im the only one you hear from. Thanks.

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Omg I am dieing I wish this would happen!!! I love u Marcel... And Harry.... Both cute as a button both you...see what I did there... See...see...

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He even looks hot in glasses

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I feel like this is getting back at Harry for steeling the girl in all the others lol

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ok, so i know these are a lot of imagines, and i love harry, but not like a crush, so, yeah, but i mean, Marcel, i just have to pin them. i mean, this is Marcel we're talking about here!

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The Marketing Guy - The Marketing Guy


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