(( task: alex )) strengths: Alex is skilled in self defense and an assortment of weapons, mainly firearms and she does have a liking for things that go boom so she’s also familiarized herself with bombs. She’s strong, both mentally and physically, and also independent and confident, although that can be a fault at times. She’s also extremely loyal to those she cares about and the rebel cause, she’d probably die defending what she believed in… is that a strength or a fault?

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Model for Taylor Duncan, but with lighter ice-blue eyes Lyndsy Fonseca

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Lyndsy Fonesca as Carissa

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Lyndsy Fonseca #celebrities, #pinsland, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu

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Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex | Nikita

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Hrund (Lyndsy Fonseca)- A Valkyrie.

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Alexandra Udinov - Lyndsy Fonseca

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Hello, hello, I'm Tracy Fray, the one that's going to be leading the little field trip the boys and a few girls will be taking. Don't underestimate me or question me, I'm a very successful Spy that went to Chrysanthemum and graduated top of the class. It was wonderful, really. I suggest you listen to what I say and try to not die on this trip. [FC: Lyndsy Fonseca]

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Lyndsy Fonseca

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Lyndsy Fonseca of the underrated "Nikita"

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