That's the kind of person I want to marry. No matter how hard things get, he'll always choose to work it out

11+ Awesome Love Quotes To Express Your Feelings -

"I choose you. And I'll choose you, over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you.

i love when a family memeber puts their arms around me and just holds me in there arms. it calms me down when im worked up. it relaxes me when im stressed, i feel safe and i can be so chilled out i can fall a sleep with my head on their chest or in their lap, #miss #want #need

25 Best Inspiring love quotes

Like when I had that panic attack that woke you up and you cuddled me until I stopped crying

En medio de mi caos era usted. Gracias por mantenerme tranquila en medio de mis problemas. Lo amo baby. Lo amo mucho

30 Missing You Quotes

The most cherish moments are with your loved one’s and the most difficult are when you are away from them . Below are some Missing You quotes that may reflect your feeling

30 Love Quotes for Him #Love quotes #Sayings

30 Love Quotes for Him

Nope, didn't see it! Lol glad we have now :) built on a friendship first (Relationship)

34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read ...:

34 Priceless Quotes 💭 about First Love 💘 for an Instant Feel Good Fix 😊 ...

10 ways the person you were meant to be with loves you differently than all the rest 34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read .

30 Crush Quotes

30 Crush Quotes

"Best Friends" {lucky to have you In my life} Moving to this island may have brought me bullies, frustration, crazy schools, and one heck of a life, but most importantly it brought me to you> too

24 Pinterest Quotes

24 Pinterest Quotes

People say things like I love you always or I love you so freely I meant them I still mean them.

Here are 60 love quotes and sayings for boyfriends, husbands and just for men in general.

60 Love Quotes And Sayings For Him

Dave sent me xx You give me the kind of feelings people write novels about.

#truefacts but then again i look at you and your so beautiful in every way that your wonderful to think of...ypj.

Quotes About Strength QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Some days I can't stop thinking about you, and other days I wonder why I'

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50 Love Quotes That Express Exactly What 'I Love You' Really Means

I love you more. No, I love you more.

2007.NIU.Sigma Nu house. We will never forget that night! I love you 10 years!

30 Love Quotes for Boyfriends

Friends furrrrr ever

50+ Girlfriend Quotes: I Love You Quotes for Her @GirlterestMag #girlfriends…

50 Girlfriend Quotes: I Love You Quotes for Her

50+ Girlfriend Quotes: I Love You Quotes for Her @GirlterestMag #girlfriends…

They're everything you've ever thought about love, but didn't know how to say.

39 Crazy-Beautiful Quotes From Instagram's Most Romantic Poet

Love quote idea - "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but if every single one had to happen to make sure I was right here, right now, to meet you, then I forgive myself for them all." {Courtesy of YourTango}

We have 10 romantic love quotes and romantic quotes that every couple will appreciate and adore.

10 Romantic Quotes For The Lover In You

Baby, flip this around - my love roars louder than your demons. I love you, you Sexy Beast! Thank you for spending the time with me this weekend. Like I said - I want to make you happy! I love you so much!

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35 I Miss You Quotes for Him

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