Working with leather need not be intimidating. Like all disciplines of craftsmanship, it's about understanding the material, a little technique, and the right tool for the job.

It's Easier Than You Think: A Simple, Straightforward Guide to Getting Started in Leatherworking

Registration for these classes can be part of the ticket purchase. Extra fees for the classes will go towards reserving a spot in the class and material cost.

How to Prepare leather for sewing

How to Prepare Leather for Sewing

how to prepare leather for sewing In this instructable I'll cover the different ways you can prep your stitching line and punch holes in leather to sew it. I was completely befuddled b.

Wristband that holds ammo

Those are real bullets. Select your caliber & get your custom-made leather bullet bracelet avail.

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Leather tool roll… would be great for leatherworking tools, stuff for working on your steampunk costume.

Handmade leather pocket protector for small tools to prevent tools from wearing out pockets over time and from sharp tools from puncturing the fabric as well. A great gift for a carpenter, woodworker, welder, etc.

Handmade Leather Tool Pocket

Are you interested in our Handmade Leather Pocket Saver Christmas Gift ? With our Leather Pocket Protector Birthday Gift you need look no further.

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Braiding Leather - The Magic Braid Create a braided bracelet with a single piece of leather. Use the resulting bracelet with essential oils! Just add a drop or two to the leather and enjoy the benefits topically and aromatically throughout the day.

Featured Rings: From L2R The Botanic Leather Ring The Bloom Leather Ring Oli's Rose Leather Ring. Visit or my Etsy store for purchase. #leatherrings #olirosecollection

Featured Rings: From The Botanic Leather Ring The Bloom Leather Ring Oli's Rose Leather Ring. or my Etsy store for purchase.