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Kirk Cameron inspires!

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Kirk Cameron in Left Behind: The Movie promotion in 2000.

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Kirk Cameron in 1991. It was a sticker!!

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Kirk Cameron in 1985

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Kirk Cameron in 1987

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I think I only have two of these Kirk Cameron pinups in my possession.

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Kirk Cameron and a fan in 1988

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Kirk Cameron in 1986

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Spread the salvation message. Spread Jesus. Amen. Do you see what is happening in America? When will we wake up?

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Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure - Christian Movie/Film DVD, Kirk Cameron

Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

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I agree. I believe it's called The First Amendment.

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Growing Pains... Absolutely loved this show !

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'Klassic' Kirk in the early 1980's

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Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" Faith - Kirk Cameron

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That's bc crackheads can be helped. It's easier to help an addict than it is the help someone who's been brainwashed.

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Cast of Growing Pains, loved Kirk Cameron and was even happier when Leonardo joined the cast

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Growing Pains (1985–1992) ~~ Comedy | Family ~~ As long as they got each other, nothing else matters...

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Kirk Cameron on Grace and The Law of God.

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Kirk Cameron in 2016

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Kirk Cameron in 1987

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