King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Pre-production image

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Pre-production image. The image measures 776 * 1575 pixels and was added on 23 March

No Arthurian legend would be complete without Excalibur.  It is sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain. Sometimes Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone (the proof of Arthur's lineage) are said to be the same weapon, but in most versions they are considered separate. The sword was associated with the Arthurian legend very early. In Welsh, the sword is called Caledfwlch.

Avalon Camelot King Arthur: The Sword in the Stone. What if the king never came? What if the sword was never drawn?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Promo shot of Charlie Hunnam

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Charlie Hunnam doing his brooding King Arthur impression. Yup, works for me.

I will never get over how awesome this picture is.

King Johnathan of Brakmond with the RED cape and the cool crown--K.R Dawson <-- Umm. this is Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, and his crown is not "cool", it's majestic.

Charlie Hunnam in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - From Nothing Comes A King

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)  tagline: "From nothing comes a king"

Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. Once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy, whether he likes it or not.

Cover Art for Kingdoms of Camelot by Kabam, Galan Pang on ArtStation at

This is the loading screen of mobile game Kingdoms of Camelot. The perspective at the bottom intentionally distorted to leave a clean space for loading bar.

Bradley as Prince Arthur

Bradley as Prince Arthur