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kathleen hanna | Kathleen Hanna is awesome. - Bikini Kill Photo (21517212) - Fanpop ...

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Riot Grrrls. Primal, Passionate, Intense. Find your inner riot.

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#Dazed93: Bikini Kill

Kathleen Hanna.

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Kathleen Hanna, you're the queen of my world.

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Bikini Kill: Girl Soldier - Rookie

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Bikini Kill Patch

These are lyrics from the Bikini Kill song "White Boy". I first heard this song at age 15 and this one line stuck - it's a perfectly blunt mock-apology to those who feel uncomfortable by the deliberately unbridled feminist rage expressed by grrrl punks. They're saying, "we're angry for a reason, so stop turning yourself into the victim!!"

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Kathleen Hanna - "While sexism hurts women most intimately, it also damages men severely."

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Joan Jett & Kathleen Hanna ❤️

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Kathleen Hanna And Ad-Rock Are The Coolest Couple In Music

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Kathleen Hanna

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Kathleen Hanna - "Why not fuck up the government instead of fucking up your body?"

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Kathleen Hanna:

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50 Essential Feminist Films

50 essential feminist films - featured in my feminist reading list at

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Kathleen Hanna & Kurt Cobain

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I would much rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization. - Kathleen Hanna

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Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna. I remember seeing them at 15 and when she said this. I felt so empowered. I also remember the all girl pit.

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Kathleen Hanna. One of my heroes when I was in high school. Still is...

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#Dazed93: Bikini Kill

Kathleen Hanna.

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Kathleen Hanna: Start a Band Right Away

Kathleen Hanna: I guess after years of doing Bikini Kill, I started feeling like I didn’t want to be anyone’s ‘riot mom’ anymore.

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Kathleen Hanna, 2013 Nero Magazine Japan

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Bikini Kill- Kathleeen Hannah is my hero

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perfect bb kathleen hanna

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NEW PLAYLIST: *Vol No.1 - #WomanCan* Happy #MusicMonday! We've looked to our motto "Woman can, if she will" for inspiration and come up with a kick ass lineup of women who've given us some of the best (and loudest) feminist anthems ever to hit the airwaves. Think less Meghan Trainor's bass and more Bikini Kill's revolution.

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The Punk Singer: O documentário incrível sobre a cantora e feminista Kathleen Hanna


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