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I had Call Me Maybe stuck in my head...And when I scored the winning goal...I sang it out loud...Embarrassing...

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soccer girl problems | Tumblr

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People ask "how'd you get that!" "Oh you know..I got in a fight..that's how tough I am" when in reality you cleated yourself..

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Oh my god. Yes this happened the other day at practice. I was on a team where we had to have bibs cause we we're versing the other girls on the team and they smelt like puke and the girls on the same team as me were like 'um..u said u washed these..' And our coach was like 'yeah?' And we were like 'THEY SMELL LIKE VOMIT EWW!' But we still played with them on. Aha

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between soccer and volleyball I need like 20. plus they are all I wear anymore haha

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There's always that one mom…so true! Can't stand that mom!

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Soccer Girl Problems (soccerproblems) on Pheed

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Soccer Girl Problems (okay maybe not literally 20... But it feels like it!)

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Soccer Girl Problems Pheed Channel

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25 Sweaty Memories Every Soccer Girl Will Never Forget

Hoping and praying your ponytail won't be used as a weapon against you.

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