JOHN WATERS PORTRAIT 11 x 14 Graffiti and Pop Art by MrMahaffey, $55.00

Have Faith In Your Own Bad Taste. John Waters portrait, graffiti and pop art by MrMahaffey,

John Waters tribute poster by Sarah Hedlund Design

divineofficial: “John Waters tribute poster art by Sarah Hedlund Design, 2013 ”

On the importance of reading.

17 John Waters Quotes That Affirm Your Life Decisions

17 John Waters Quotes That Affirm Your Life Decisions The John Waters Test.

Two of my favourite men on the planet; John Waters and David Lynch shaking hands in front of a Big Boy.

John Waters and David Lynch meet outside of Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Los Angeles, “Lynch had been with John Waters earlier on the day of the interview and almost got him to join us. David later provided me with a copy of his short film ‘The.

Red Lipstick makes you or breaks you.    vintagegal: Susan Tyrrell and Traci Lords on the set of Cry-Baby (1990

mydarling: “ Susan Tyrrell & Traci Lords on the set of Cry Baby ”

Edith Massey: she nearly drove John Waters over the edge- no mean feat

scarylarry: opalescentluminescent: Edith Massey: Egg Lady, Dreamlander and superstar! Don’t forget queen of punk mothafucka Bad bitches dont cry

Pink Flamingos (1972)

Mock-up of The Criterion Collection cover for John Waters’ Pink Flamingos starring Divine

John Waters - I love his movies!

Rock and Roll taught John Waters how to annoy his parents, but it was the nuns from his local church, who inadvertently encouraged his interest in cheap, exploitation films