Prompt 2 (Motivator): This man keeps on inspiring me to do better every day. I hope to meet you in the circuit one day

How do I achieve this hair style/what product? I have curly hair, but it always gets poofy and frizzy without product. When I use product (wax) it doesn't let my hair curl as much.

Johnson Florence

Travel to Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira and get a taste of this fisherman's village on the Atlantic coast, home to world class waves and great people.

John John Florence (- ̗̀ Pinterest || *cambo*)

John John Florence (- ̗̀ Pinterest || *cambo*)

〰John John Florence〰

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat tears or the sea.

Lots of layers

surfing-in-harmony: “i-belong-to-the-sea: “highenoughtoseethesea: “ John Florence // Photo: Corey Wilson ” I printed this photo and got it signed by jjf ” ”