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John Green Is Awesome

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John Green ;) …

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The Fault In Our Stars

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John Green, writes Pulitzer award winning books, gets to speak with the President, and is not an octopus...

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John Green strikes again

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I formally invite John Green to speak at my wedding. It may go a little like "I don't know whose wedding this is or where I am..." BUT IT WILL BE THE BEST PART OF THE WEDDING. (Yes even better than the part where I ACTUALLY get married). :)))

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“Why Is Hazel Called Hazel?” You think it's all profound, but look at John's face... :)

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They just sassed John Green :) I love tumblr <--- For all of you that don't get this, FishingBoatProceeds is John Green (I myself found out only a little while ago xD)

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Ladies and Gentlemen John Green. The Award winning and New York Times best selling author who can't remember the scene sequence of his own book. This is the man who inspires me.

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John Green. I love intellectual smack downs!

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Hahaha they would - though Martin would definitely help dapper up John.

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