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John Adams Whipple, View of the Moon, Feb 26, 1852 (Daguerreotype

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John Adams, John Marshall Teaspoon - William Rogers

John Adams John Marshall Teaspoon William by ParadiseLaneCrafts

The Moon, August 6, 1851. Daguerreotype.


John Adams Whipple, Moon, 1851, Daguerreotype


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John Adams Whipple, A View of the Moon , Daguerreotype, 26th February, 1852

Lee Lawrie, sculpted bronze figure of Ogma (1939). Library of Congress John Adams Building, Washington, D.C. Ogma (modern spelling: Oghma) is a character from Irish mythology and Scottish mythology. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, he is often considered a deity and may be related to the Gallic god Ogmios.


‘View of the Moon’ - Daguerreotype taken through Harvard’s Great Refractor Telescope by John Adams Whipple on February 26, 1852