Jesse James at age 14 in 1862

Jesse Woodson James was a outlaw gang leader, a robber of banks,trains, and stagecoaches as well as a murderer from the state of Missouri.

Jesse James. I'd put my hands up and give him all my money.

Jesse James An old family story told by my dad was that a great uncle of his sold horses to the James Gang in central Missouri when the gang was on the run.

Jesse James, one of the most violent outlaws of the wild west, got his first taste for violence as a Confederate guerrilla during the Civil War. Although he came to be known as one of the most dangerous bandits of the west, James started out his life as a religious, peaceful farm boy who seemed destined for a career as a minister, like his father Robert, who died in California while preaching to gold miners. Those plans changed when the Civil War broke out in 1861 and brought chaos to his…

Jesse James: The Confederate Guerrilla

Jesse James (September 1847 — April was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang.

Young Jesse James (approx. 16 yrs. of age). Missouri bushwhacker riding with Bloody Bill Anderson.

Jesse James

Young Jesse James, Approximately 16 Years of Age Here in He was a Missouri bushwhacker riding with Bloody Bill Anderson in Platte City, Mo. Later he would grow up to be a train robber and criminal who was shot and killed by Robert Ford in Hannibal, Mo.

Jesse James ~ Jesse was many things, including being a sometimes kind man, a dapper dresser, and a prankish charmer, he was also a cold-blooded murderer, robber, horse thief, racist, and terrorist

The tintype picture, owned by a farming family in rural Washington, is thought to have been taken not long before Robert Ford shot dead notorious outlaw Jesse James in

William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson (1838 – 1864)  was a notorious Confederate guerrilla leader with whom Jesse James associated for a brief period during the Civil War.

Jesse James: The Confederate Guerrilla

William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson – October was one of the deadliest and most brutal pro-Confederate guerrilla leaders in the American Civil War. Anderson led a band that targeted Union loyalists and Federal soldiers in Missouri and Kansas.

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Zerelda Amanda Mimms James (July 1845 - November Kansas City, MO) was the first cousin and wife of Jesse James. Photo of Mimms at the time of his death

Rare Photo of Jesse James and his brother Frank James 1863

Jesse James and his brother Frank James fought as Confederate guerrilla soldiers in the Civil War. After the war, they joined up with other outlaws, robbing banks, trains and stagecoaches across the country.

Newly Found Lost Tintype Photo of Jesse James and Robert Ford Circa 1870s - Imgur

Newly Found Lost Tintype Photo of Jesse James and Robert Ford Circa 1870s

Expert debate has erupted over a photograph, identified in September by the Houston Police Department's veteran specialist in facial recognition as legendary outlaw Jesse James, seated next to his eventual killer, Robert Ford.

After being shot dead on April 3rd, 1882, Jesse James' body was tied to a board for this picture to be taken.

A photo of the outlaw Jesse James, just after his assassination on April at the age of by fellow James Gang member, Bob Ford. This photo is by R. See additional photos on the My Genealogy Hound website.

Jesse Woodson James was born in Clay County, Missouri, at the site of present day Kearney on September 5, 1847. His father, Robert S. James, was a commercial hemp farmer and Baptist minister in Ken…

Jesse James

Outlaw Jesse James is pictured here at his funeral after he was fatally shot in the back by Robert Ford in One of the mourners in this famous image is Jesse's brother and fellow-outlaw Frank James (second from left).

Jesse James' .45 Schofield revolver.

Image resuJesse James' Smith & Wesson Schofield revolverlt for wild west photos