viria:I’ve got these letters tattooed on my arm That remind me each second of where I come from. Jason Grace!

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Jason Grace. Although he looks a little grumpy. --- HE'S SQUINTING BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE GLASSES

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This pin is from artist named w h y (I really want to know why he/she is named w h y) Jason's life :/

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the grace siblings + using lightning as weapons <<< OMGS IS JASON USING A LIGHTSABER!?

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Jason Grace, I like how he has an owie on his head from a brick XD

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Day 2- Jason Grace. He's a son of Jupiter a praetor of the 1st legion at Camp Jupiter. Some of his best qualities include- courageous, loyalty, determination, natural-born leader a great sense of focus

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Jason Grace and Piper McLean by on @deviantART

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Jason Grace and Percy Jackson... Percy can't figure out how to work a toga

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Jason Grace – Rick Riordan | art by viria

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minuiko: I wanted to fit Khione’s quote in there too (“Jason will GRACE my throne room”) but technically she says that to Piper, so :B

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