Jamie Wyeth - John F Kennedy  In the early 60’s the Kennedys took notice of Jamie Wyeth’s work, and after J.F.K was assassinated, Jacqueline Kennedy hired Jamie to paint a posthumous presidential portrait.

John F. Kennedy, 1967 Jamie Wyeth - by style - Contemporary Realism

Pumpkinhead - Self-Portrait - Jamie Wyeth

Pumpkinhead - Self - Portrait , Jamie Wyeth 1972 Contemporary Realism Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, PA, USA

N. C. Wyeth, self-portrait, 1940  Father of Andrew Wyeth, artist of  the Helga series. And grandfather of Jamie Wyeth. Three generations of American artists.

(Newell Convers) Wyeth [American Golden Age Illustrator, - Self Portrait. Patriarch of three generations of Wyeth-Hurd artists, including son Andrew Wyeth and grandson Jamie Wyeth Oil on canvas Brandywine River Museum.

Sophomore at Bowdoin -- 48 x 40 inches, 1996, oil on panel --Jamie Wyeth

One of my favorites by Jamie. Sophomore at Bowdoin -- 48 x 40 inches, oil on panel --Jamie Wyeth. One of my favorites by Jamie.

Jamie Wyeth (b. 1946)  Catching Snowflakes, 2004

Jamie Wyeth (b. Catching Snowflakes, 2004 ~ "Snowflakes, though at a glance beautiful as flowers, vanish when touched by the hand.

Andrew Wyeth who would think this dog's look would become iconic with the first "Spanky and Our Gang" movies....

Jamie Wyeth dog picture sells for $218,500

Less is more :)  Jamie  Wyeth:   Gull Ascending

Jamie Wyeth - Gull Ascending, 2006 - Watercolor and gouache.Enjoy Jamie Wyeth and his seagull personifications.