James Joyce Authors Series by Ryan Sheffield

TRACY'S TOTAL WELLNESS WEDNESDAY WISE WORDS (inspiring quotes) "Mistakes are the portals of discovery." -James Joyce (We can't learn anything new while focused on what we think we know. Today notice the portal of discovery in at least one "mistake")

tHE bOOK OF BOOkS.James Joyce: Ulysses, 1922

James Joyce has always been a favorite of mine. Actually, Dubliners is my favorite Joyce book.

Paris, 1920. James Joyce and Sylvia Beach

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James Joyce and Sylvia Beach outside the door of Shakespeare and Company on the Rue de l’Odeon in Paris in 1920 Happy Bloomsday

James Joyce, Paris, 1939 Colour dye transfer print © Gisèle Freund / Freund Family Collection

Irish novelist and poet James Joyce, Paris, 1939 Colour dye transfer print,Gisèle Freund / Freund Family Collection

With "Eveline" by James Joyce World lit.

Ill forever wonder what if i did this differently what if what if what if .whatWith "Eveline" by James Joyce World lit.

James Joyce--will always be my favorite photo of him.

James Joyce, Dublin 1904 -by Constantine P. Curran schadenfreudist: “ Dublin, The summer Joyce met Nora, friend and fellow University College student Constantine P. Curran took this photograph.

The Book Cover Club: read a book, design a cover for it » Lost At E Minor: For creative people

The Book Cover Club: read a book, design a cover for it

Szifiliszes volt James Joyce?

Szifiliszes volt James Joyce?

Author Caleb Pirtle III points out that during the golden days of publishing, best-selling authors attacked each other with barbs sharper than knives.

James Joyce, uncredited

James Joyce 1918 James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was an Irish novelist and poet, considered to be one of the most influential writers in the modernist avant-garde of the early century.

Death of James Joyce

Extracts from a Department of Foreign Affairs file entitled “James Joyce, death of and general work of, relating to the death of Joyce.

cover for James Joyce’s The Dubliners by German designer Apfel Zet

Something for the Weekend

The Dubliners by James Joyce; design by Apfel Zet / Richard Bravery Penguin Essentials, Penguin (UK)